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Did Mary know what was going to happen to her?  Yes, she knew! All of Galilee knew by the time she was one year old. God named, blessed, and ordained Mary to be the mother of Jesus, Immanuel before her conception.

The biographical data about Mary, mother of Jesus, Immanuel, was obtained from ancient scriptures. The book is written as a narrative biography.
MARY KNEW is filled with information about angels, miracles and fulfilled prophecies that occurred within the holy family.

It contains biographical information about Mary’s parents, her birth and life, and  the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world.

MARY-KNEW-book-coverThe book i
s a compilation of traditions and history from ancient scriptures not found in the New Testament because they are about Mary, not Jesus. When the books to be included in the New Testament were discussed and selected, book about Mary or other persons were not included.

The Old Testament is the basis of the Jewish religion. The New Testament is the basis of Christianity. Each contains documents which tell the history of the founders of the religion and about their beliefs.
When gathering for worship, the first Christians discussed what they knew about Jesus, Immanuel. That included information about his virgin mother, Mary, often called the Virgin Mary.. The narratives they told were written by the book authors or as dictated to scribes. New converts learned the history of Christians from those stories.  For several hundreds of years after the death of Christ, those stories were included the history of Mary, mother of Jesus and her family. They were used in the early Christian churches for hundreds of years.

Her story remained popular because it is filled with angels, miracles and fulfillment of ancient prophecies.

The primary document about Mary was written by James, the youngest son of Joseph and stepbrother of Lord Jesus. James lived in his father's home for a while and accompanied Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem along with two of his brothers. He was an eye witness for all that happened during Mary's pregnancy and the events surrounding the virgin birth of Jesus, Immanuel. 

James had scribes write his story and left a signed written document verifying his testimony. The main book he authored was the Protevangelion, a historical account of the Virgin Mary and the birth of Christ. A copy of his testimony is below. 

SIGNED TESTIMONY OF JAMES: "I James wrote this History in Jerusalem; and when the disturbance was, I retired into a desert place until the death of Herod. And the disturbance ceased at Jerusalem. That which remains is, that I glorify God that he hath given me such wisdom to write unto you who are spiritual, and who love God; to whom there be glory and dominion for ever and ever, Amen."
James became a chief Apostle and Jerusalem's first Bishop of the Christians. His written testimony and other scriptures about Mary and Jesus Christ were used in the early Christian churches for hundreds of years.  


 The story of Mary – the how, the why, the when - she became destined to become the Virgin Mother of God is revealed in the pages of the most enchanting book I read this year. Written with a simplistic elegance reminiscent of the Bible stories I read as a child, Irene Baron tells Mary’s story in such a haunting way that it consumed my thoughts when I wasn’t reading about her … Not only do I recommend this book to one and all, I believe it has the power to change the mind of even the most hardened non-believer.
Carmen Baca, author of El Hermano
December 31, 2018 at 7:09 PM
Carmen Baca
Facebook note from Carmen: "Oh, friends and readers—this really is the most enchanting book I read to date this year; I hope you go out and get your own copy if you’ve not already done so. Definitely 5 stars!"

Mary Knew: A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures by Irene Baron is an account of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Irene Baron has used ancient and biblical texts to produce a very personable read. Mary Knew is not designed to be read instead of the Bible, but alongside it. We know very little about the life of Mary, but Irene Baron has pulled everything together to produce this fabulous and very approachable account. Mary becomes a fully rounded 3D character in her own right, showing she is more than just the mother of Jesus. Set apart before she was born, the reader ‘feels’ the anguish, shame and desire experienced by Mary’s parents as they longed for a child. We share their elation when their hopes come true. Mary was a much loved child, dedicated to God and used in a way her parents never imagined. Irene Baron has produced a very accessible for all account of the life of Mary. It is fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I could recommend it for Christians young and old, as well as those exploring the faith and those who just want to know more about the historical figure of Mary. I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.  

Julia Wilson

Mary Knew is an accurate account of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Irene Baron has put together  document that once  started reading, I could not put down! The story o Mary is written showing great research and clarity. I highly recommend this book to all that seek the life and history of Mary. Great book That I will make part of my Biblical reference for future use. Very well done!
I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are  my own.
David V. Wright, II

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