Unraveling the Christ6mas Star Mystery
MARY KNEW- A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures.

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Author/Illustrator: Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery; First Place Gold Medal, Illumination Awards for 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book

Author: MARY KNEW-A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures. October 2018

Author:  Mekong River Handbook:  Geology & Hydrology sections.

Author: Operational Procedures Manual: Laboratory Material Division (all levels) for Battelle Memorial Institute, Office Secretary of Defense/Advanced Research Projects Agency/Research &Development Center, Supreme Command Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand.

Author/Illustrator: The Circus Clown Alphabet

Authored & implemented successful grants & proposals: physical plant renovations, construction projects, equipment, academic programs, professional educational development.

Information Specialist:  Information Systems Research Division, Battelle Memorial Institute, OSD/ARPA/R&D Center-T, (Engineers Joint Council-Coordinate Indexing, Operations, Procedural Steps, Information Systems, Syntactical Problems, Information Retrieval Thesauri, Relationships of Knowledge/Information/Data, etc.)

Literacy;  Computer use 30+years, Publisher, Word Perfect, Word, Vernier/sensors, Photoshop, etc.

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 James’ eyewitness testimony was used in the book creation. He was the youngest son of Joseph. Living with Mary and Joseph, he traveled to Bethlehem with them. He became a chief Apostle and first Bishop of the Christians in Jerusalem. His writings were used for hundreds of years in the early Christian churches. His most famous works is the Protevangelion, a historical account of the Virgin Mary and the birth of Christ. 

 Signed Testimony of James"   “I James wrote this History in Jerusalem; and when the disturbance was, I retired into a desert place until the death of Herod. And the disturbance ceased at Jerusalem. That which remains is, that I glorify God that he hath given me such wisdom to write unto you who are spiritual, and who love God; to whom there be glory and dominion for ever and ever, Amen.”


EXCERPT FROM MARY KNEW – A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures, Selection from chapter 3

“The angel’s voice was heavenly as he said, “But if reason will not convince you of the truth of my words that there are frequent conceptions in advanced years, and that those who were barren have brought forth to their great surprise, therefore Anna your wife shall bring you a daughter and you shall call her name Mary.

Joachim became ecstatic. He thought, We’re going to have a child. God heard our prayers. Thank you Lord!

The angel’s command to give his future daughter a God-given name made Joachim realize the significance of names in heaven and on Earth.  He wondered if his daughter’s soul name was also Mary, like her earth name. The beautiful name of Mary would be remembered.

 The angel asked for his attention and reminded him of his vow that any child born to him and his wife would be dedicated to the service of the Lord. The angel stated that Mary would be devoted to the Lord from her infancy and be filled with God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost, from the time of her mother’s womb. The angel then gave instruction concerning the upbringing of the child.

The angel said, “Your child named Mary will be devoted to the Lord from her infancy. Since the child will be filled with the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Ghost, from her mother’s womb, she is to not eat or drink anything unclean. Her conversations are to never to take place with commoners, but only in the temple once she is dedicated to the temple. This request is made so that Mary will not fall under any slander or suspicion of what is bad.”

To Joachim, this was a significant request.  Their child was not to be influenced by anyone outside her family or outside the temple in which she would reside until becoming a teenager. That meant she would remain pure in thought and deed. She would not be exposed to vulgarities which others saw in daily living in their community. He and Anna would have to protect the child from birth until she was dedicated to the temple.

The only way anyone could obtain an education in that time of history was to become a local apprentice for a trade or take classes given by priests at the temple. The masses were left ignorant and thus more controllable by the Roman government. Not being educated, most peasants were without refined manners and thoughtfulness. Working for a gentle family they might learn gentleness, but had to contend with profane language and rude behavior elsewhere in private and public areas.  There was not  much love exhibited between people.

Joachim reflected that by not being thrust into a life of being exposed to the public, his daughter Mary would never be exposed to rabble rousing and horrors that occur in day to day life. Except for the house servants, she would never talk with a commoner or have anything to do with them. She would never be exposed to crowds.  Mary was to be kept separate, untarnished and clean.

The angel continued talking about his future daughter, Mary.

“She shall be in a miraculous manner born of one that was barren, so she shall, while yet a virgin, in a way unparalleled, bring forth the Son of the most High God, who shall be called Jesus, Immanuel, and according to the signification of his name, be the Saviour of all nations.”

To prove he was speaking truthfully, the angel told Joachim, “This shall be a sign to you of the things which I declare, namely, when you come to the Golden Gate of Jerusalem, you shall there meet your wife Anna, who being very much troubled that you returned no sooner, shall then rejoice to see you. The Lord God hath heard thy prayer. Make haste and go hence, for behold, Anna thy wife shall conceive.” When he finished talking, the angel departed from Joachim. “


A former teacher and current pilot, Irene Baron also worked with the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), Supreme Command Headquarters, Research & Development Center in Thailand four years while employed by Battelle Memorial Institute as an Information Specialist, Geologist, and Aerial Photographer.  In that capacity she directed the aerial photography from various Air America Sikorski Helio-19 helicopters and authored the geology and hydrology sections of the classified Mekong River Project book. She also wrote the Operational Procedures Manual, Laboratory Material Division (all levels) for that facility.

Her first nonfiction book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, was awarded the First Place, Gold Medal as a 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book during the Illumination Book Award sponsored by the Jenkins Group. This award was designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year's best Christian Education title written and published with a Christian worldview.

The idea for the book originated when Baron unexpectedly received over 60 astronomy computer programs from NASA. After several years of research, she found evidence proving the Christmas star event.  With extensive studies in Archaeoastronomy, archeology, Bible archeology, ancient history, and ancient art, she found records explaining how astronomers and Wisemen who lived over 2,000-years ago used symbolism to interpret sky events. These studies were used to integrate the facts and symbolism of the celestial events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

Baron's second book is a historical narrative.  MARY KNEW - The Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures, was written and published in 2018. Baron said she wrote the book in answer to a popular song of 2017 asking if Mary knew what was going to happen to her during her lifetime. Surprised that most people didn't know, she wanted to inform them as to the history and background of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.  Baron said, “Yes, Mary knew.” She knew what was going to happen to her during her lifetime.“

This historical narrative provides information about how Mary was named, blessed, and ordained by God to be the mother of Jesus before her conception. It contains detailed biographical information about her parents and their tribulations, her preconception consecration by God, her birth and early life, her Temple years and holy vow to God, refusal of Joseph when selected by God, their difficult betrothal and personal troubles, and the magnificent phenomena that occurred during the birth of a God, Jesus Immanuel . This compilation of traditions and history from ancient scriptures is filled with stories of angel visitations, Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in front of witnesses, and miracles. 

Mary was born of a barren woman in a miraculous manner. Her parents were told by heavenly messengers that Mary was to be the most important woman ever born on Earth. While yet a virgin, in a way unparalleled, Mary was to bring forth the Son of God. God provided His name, Jesus, Immanuel, when He announced the future conception of Mary. According to the signification of the name, Jesus was to become the Savior of all nations.

The original scriptures from which this information was obtained were used in early Christian churches for hundreds of years. They are not found in the New Testament because they were written about Mary, not her son. New Testament books were limited to those about Jesus. This book includes a glossary, references and a list of prophecies from the Old Testament.

Irene Baron resides in Ohio. She has one daughter.

Baron is currently writing a fiction adventure series with a paranormal twist.

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        A.Why was Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ? For many years, her parents dedicated their first child to God before they had children. They were faithful and good persons who would fulfill God’s wishes about Mary.  Everything was in readiness for His coming.

        B.   Who were Mary's parents?  Anna and Joachim lived in Nazareth. They had been married several decades. She was considered barren. Joachim was a very wealthy man in the upper echelon of society in Galilee. They donated 1/3 of their income to the temple and priests, 1/3 to the poor and needy, and lived on 1/3.

        C.  Who was Mary? Mary was named, consecrated and ordained to be the mother of Jesus, Immanuel, before her conception. Angels dictated to her parents how she was to be raised, what she was to eat, and with whom she could talk. Except for the gigantic, religious celebration of her first birthday, according to the instructions given by the angels, she was isolated in a spacious sanctuary in the family home until age three. She was to have no contact with villagers or the public. At the age of three, Mary was moved to a Jerusalem Temple apartment where she lived for over a decade. While there, she convened daily with angels who talked with her and fed her. She was isolated from humanity so that no one could say anything bad about her or could not start any rumors about her. She was not to experience any wrong doing, anger, fighting, disrespect, profanity, etc. While residing in the Temple, she vowed to remain a virgin the rest of her life. Her vow was respected and honored by God. Read the story of Christ’s birth in the MARY KNEW book to understand how that was accomplished.

        DWhy does her story fulfill prophecies? Micah and Elijah both predicted her actions. Micah as to where her child would be born (Bethlehem) and Elijah as to how her betrothed would be identified. There are many stories in the Book of Enoch of “The Blessed One.”

         E.  Why were there so many angels in her life?
Before the birth of Jesus, Immanuel, angels were used to:

     Tell her parents Mary’s name
Tell her parents of her blessing and consecration to God

Tell her parents she was ordained to become the mother of the Savior of Mankind

ctate how she was to be raised her first 3 years (food, contacts, etc.)

Visit her daily in the temple to converse with her and feed her. (Perhaps to keep   her from leaving the temple and experiencing the cruel and difficult world beyond.)

Visit her to discuss the pregnancy and birth of her Son

Visit John to discuss the pregnancy and birth of the Savior

Visits to the shepherds east of Bethlehem

Visits to relay messages to the Wisemen

Visits by a multitude of angels to the shepherd’s cave where Christ was born


 Most people have no idea how perfect and holy Mary was. 

She was named by God, consecrated to be holy and ordained to be the mother of His Son.  Isolated from the public during 3 years at home and over a decade in the Jerusalem Temple, she had never seen crude, rude or disrespectful actions. She had never heard profanity or witnessed anger or fighting. The angels kept her busy during her waking hours at the temple, perhaps so she would not venture outside. She was not an ordinary young woman when promised to a very reluctant Joseph for marriage. While living in the temple, she had vowed to remain a virgin all her life. The priests knew she and Joseph would never consummate the marriage or have children except for Jesus, Immanuel.

She lived her life with angels almost every day until she went to reside in Joseph’s home. Her holy upbringing was dictated by angel messengers from God. All of Galilee knew of Mary and her destiny. She was so famous, others visited the temple hoping to catch a glimpse of Mary and her angels. According to God’s messengers to Mary’s parents, Mary would be the most important woman to ever be born on Earth. The only person to be born on Earth more important than Mary was her Son, Jesus, Immanuel, whose name was announced by God.


For several hundred years after the death of Christ, the Christian churches used the writings of James, the youngest son of Joseph. He was an eyewitness to Mary’s life as he lived at the home and ventured to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph. He talked with her often. He learned from the priests and Mary and Joseph about her life. There were three sets of scriptures used in compiling information for this historical narrative.  All the ancient scriptures are available free on line at:

 Internet Sacred Text Archive (ISTA).

 The texts I used were,

      Excerpt from the Gospel of Mary

      The Book of the Secrets of Enoch

      The First Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ

      The Gospel of the Birth of Mary

      The Protevangelion

      The Testament of Issachar

      The Testament of Reuben

      Thomas’s Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ.






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