Did you ever wonder about the brilliance of God?      
by Irene Baron

Human-mind-representation-by-AnonymousHow brilliant must God's mind be to create a universe or life?

To create souls?

To share His spirit with the living as the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit?

To conceive of intelligence that could not only design the universe, but create it, boggles the mind. God is so brilliant, his intelligence could never begin to fit into a human brain. 

Yet, Christians are taught humans were created in God’s image. God is brilliance and power personified. If humans were created in God's image, that means we have a brain capable of much more intelligence than we use. If that is so, why isn’t everyone a super genius? When that question is put forth, the answer theologians give is that the intelligence is hidden from us and will be revealed upon our death. The knowledge of the universe will be ours when we live within the heavens of God.

How many heavens? Jesus, Immanuel, said, there are many rooms to his “mansion.” Perhaps he was referring to the rooms of heaven. Enoch, a 7th generation direct descendent of Adam, wrote in The Book of Enoch that there were seven levels of heaven and that God existed in the highest and seventh one. He wrote that God’s energy was so tremendous, at times that He existed as plasma. Plasma is a fire so hot, it would be like the interior of our Sun. Would intelligence as massive as God's always exhibit itself as plasma?  or is the state of existence/life within the plasma a form which helps to maintain the intelligence of God? 

God can assume any form He wishes. Enoch wrote, to look upon God would blind us. Our eyes and mind could not take it in. Just to be near His presence of magnificence, intelligence, beauty and creativity would cause our body to glow in His light. Such an experience happened to Moses. After being in God's presence and descending from Mt. Sinai, Moses had to cover himself as his body gave off light which frightened others. Enoch wrote that if someone desired to approach God, they had to transit through the first six heavens following the requisitions of each heaven. If they approached God in the seventh heaven and were not pure, they would be consumed by fire. God set up the heavens, but allowed Moses to work with him and see Him without danger.

There are clues on Earth to the superior intelligence of God revealed to a few individuals. To be exact, fifty known persons to have exhibited intelligence beyond that of any human are currently living. They are called savants. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a savant is “a person affected with a mental disability (such as autism or mental retardation) who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field (such as mathematics or music) especially autistic savant.   

The existence of the savant’s brilliance may prove the intelligence was in the savant’s mind before or when they were born. It is sometimes unique circumstances which cause that intelligence to be exhibited.  In one child, a seizure as a toddler is suspected to be the catalyst for the child’s mind to exhibit unique and one of a kind brilliance. In another, it was being hit by a baseball on the head. The knowledge was within them. It just wasn’t available until some shock happened to their body.

How can a child,under the age of five,who has never been exposed to mathematics become an expert in any segment of that field? Or become an artist who can create complex and beautiful art with a speed not encountered by others? Or as an adult, remember everything they have ever read? Or remember the weather on any particular date of their life? Or learn a foreign language fluently within one week?

Savants give us a glimpse of what the human mind is capable. If we are truly made in the image of God, who has the most intelligence of any being in the universe, then our minds are filled with knowledge which only a few have been able to tap. For savants, that intelligence had to be in the brain/mind before birth. 

Does that prove all humans have minds that are extremely brilliant? That the inherited brilliance of our mind is not available to us under normal circumstances? Are the primary people who have tapped into that segment of knowledge usually autistic?  What feature of the autistic mind enables the brilliance to show up? Is it always a physical affront to the body or head?

There is an interesting YouTube presentation discussing the brilliance of the savants and how their lives are changed due to the brilliance they exhibit. You can find that presentation at: 

As you read or hear about savants, think about what knowledge they have locked within their mind. Think about how they are able to tap into just one minute segment of that knowledge. They too were created in the image of God. They were given the knowledge that everyone else was given, but some unique happening in their life, whether prior to birth or after, gave them the ability to tap into that reserve of intelligence.

Could our minds have the intelligence of God?  Most likely not. If we had a mind that had perhaps one percent of the knowledge of God, whether tapped or not, our energy would be so great we might have to exist in a different state such as plasma. We exist as humans. God could have made His earthly creation to be any way He wanted. When civilization began to err and God wanted to teach us and guide us away from sin, He came to Earth as a human. With His powers of creation, He could have come to Earth in any way or any form. Being human would have been accepted by mankind. He even had Himself born to a human, the Virgin Mary.  Why Mary? Why would she be His mother? Of all the people of the world, what was special about Mary? How did she remain a virgin after His birth?

According to ancient scriptures used in early Christian churches for hundreds of years, Mary was named, consecrated and ordained to be the mother of Jesus, Immanuel, before her conception. We don’t know if her conception was immaculate or not. God’s messengers dictated to Mary’s parents before her birth how she was to be raised and fed. They were told she would be the most important woman to ever be born on Earth. She was to live with her parents for three years until weaned. She was then moved to the Jerusalem Temple to reside in the Temple apartments for over a decade. Eye witnesses told of angels daily conversing with her and feeding her. She led a life unlike any other. The Temple became popular during her residence as travelers arrived to try and get a glimpse of the holy angels.

The birth of her Son, Jesus, was unlike any other birth in its magnificence. The brilliance of holy light, like that surrounding heavenly beings, occurred at His birth, temporarily blinding those in attendance.  The eye witness account of Jesus’s birth is found in ancient scriptures written by James, the youngest son of Joseph. He spent much time with Mary and Joseph and traveled to Bethlehem with them. He later became a chief Apostle and Bishop of the Jerusalem churches.

Information about the Virgin Mary and the miraculous birth are found in the book: MARY KNEW – A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures.

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