Preparing the Book MARY KNEW


Maddona-of-the-Guidi-da-Faenza-by Sandro-Botticelli-1483The book, MARY KNEW, has been challenging. My first award winning book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, was prepared for publication by CreateSpace. This year, the fabulous CreateSpace production company is having authors do all their own prepublication work.

They provide all the instructions, but some are tricky.  I have been trying to get the page numbers in the "footer" correct throughout the book. The first several pages after the cover page are to be numbered in Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.). The first chapter begins with the Arabic numerals (1,2,3 etc.) which continues to the end of the book.

The top of the pages, the header, there should be my name, IRENE BARON, on the left page or even numbered page and the name of the book, MARY KNEW, at the top of the right hand or odd numbered page. That is where the trouble began.  The first problem was, when the header was designated to be different on the odd and even pages, that messed up the numbering in the footer. Half of the footer numbers disappeared. I worked on that using my WORD2010 instruction book. I followed every direction to no avail and had to call for help.

I telephoned my favorite librarian from my teaching years how to solve the problem. She was ill. I called a few friends with no luck.

I approached my public library IT persons for assistance, but they work primarily with computers and fixing technical problems, and not with WORD. One reference librarian was very helpful, but some problems persisted which could not be resolved with the page numbering.

I approached a company which provides such help, but their hundreds of dollars to help with the page numbering was too hefty for me at the time. They would only address it if they took over design of the whole project. I will use their company for other purposes. I finally put out a call for WORD help on my personal Facebook page. Several responded and I will save their names for future reference. What a wonderful group of Facebook friends I have. They are marvelous.

While I was waiting for FB responders, I decided to ask the local Zane State College administrators if they could direct me for help. I am currently a student in the semester long Audio Communications class which meets 3-hours one night a week. My goal for the class outcome is to be able to record and master the audio mixes in the process of creating an audio book for each of my first two books, this one and the star book. To do the recording myself will save thousands of dollars. The college responded and gave me the number for the Student Resource center. I made an appointment and went in the same day to speak with the WORD expert in that office. He walked me through a way to solve the difficulties I was having. With his help, the headers and page numbers were corrected. How wonderful it is that the colleges and universities around the United States provide such free help for their students. Since the manuscript was part of my class project, it was in the category that allowed the college to provide help.

Since the headers and footers were installed in the manuscript, they created a need for further editing. They took up space which was normally space used by the book text. All the pages needed to be addressed as the space within each was decreased. Items needing to be changed included chapter headings/spacing, subtitles for things like the glossary, references, etc. That is waiting for me this afternoon.

The book cover instructions provided by CreateSpace made the construction easy. It is completed using an image created by Sandro Botticelli in 1483. I placed a copy of the PUBLIC DOMAIN information for that image at the back of the book so there would be no question as to copyright infringement. I have a proof of the book and the cover is magnificent. I had to change a few things within the limitations given by the template, such as limiting words to make the fonts larger.

All in all, once I insert the updated MARY KNEW text later today and check the cover for this historical narrative book, it will be ready for publication. I will have to send a copy to the Library of Congress using the ID number they provided for me. Other than that, my next goal will be to continue and update all my marketing efforts. If you wish to help me in that endeavor, please send a book link to all your friends. When it goes on sale, it will most likely appear on the page which has my first book. It may also appear on other pages. That link is: .

This is the second blog to the MARY KNEW site. I thought you, as one of my readers, may enjoy learning about some of the processes I have had to work through to get this book published. My first readers of the manuscript have said, "Everyone will want to read this." Well, I sure hope so. 

Future blogs will be more on topic about Mary and related events.

If you have any questions about Mary or the book, please go to the contact page linked above and send your comments off to me.