By Irene Baron

MARY KNEW by Irene Baron

MARY-KNEW-Book-Cover-designed-by-Irene-BaronRemember the popular song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, “Did you know?”

Whenever I heard that song, I cringed. I realized most people thought Mary was just some average teenager off the street. They had no idea who she was or that she actually knew what was going to happen.

Mary knew her parents had dedicated her to God before her conception. She knew God named her Mary, gave her parents instructions how to feed and raise her, and that she was to be dedicated to the Jerusalem Temple by age three.

Angels told her parents, the barren Anna and her wealthy husband Joachim, that their daughter would be the most blessed woman to ever be born on Earth. The only person more blessed than Mary would be her Son, Jesus.

Eye witness testimony by James, Joseph’s youngest son, told about Mary. James lived with Mary and Joseph and traveled to Bethlehem with them. His eye witness testimony about Mary, written by he and his scribe, was used in early Christian churches for hundreds of years after the death of Christ. These ancient scriptures are full of accounts about angels. They tell about the tribulations of Mary’s parents and their communications with angels, the first 3 years of Mary’s life, her ten years of living in the Jerusalem Temple with angels daily visiting and feeding her, her holy vow to God, the reluctance of Joseph to take another wife, life in Joseph’s home, the trip to Bethlehem and the miraculous birth of Jesus, Immanuel, the Savior of mankind.

I was frustrated with people not knowing the facts about Mary. I had studied ancient scriptures for many years and became quite an expert about Mary’s life. She lived over 2,000 years ago when there was an infant mortality rate of 50%. After much contemplation, I wrote her story using the eye witness accounts from James who later became a chief Apostle and the first Christian Bishop of Jerusalem after the death of Christ. Her biography was written in a historical narrative format, a story form and easy to read. I named the book: MARY KNEW-A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures. Near the front of the book is a copy of the signed testimony from eye witness James.

Mary’s parents suffered before being informed by messenger angels from God that they were going to be parents. Angels instructed them before her conception how to raise her, what she was to eat, and what was forbidden. She was never to be placed in a position where someone could later start a rumor or give false witness about her. She was not allowed to go outside her home or visit with commoners. Her few visitors were priests or playmates who were proven to be undefiled and followed guidelines set for her visitors. Her parents provided a large sanctuary room for her during the 3 years she lived with them. It had no windows. She could not see the Sun or Moon  or trees, the ground or sky. She could not hear rabble-rousers of the village or what was going on outside. At age three, she was dedicated to the Jerusalem Temple. She was immediately taken by the High Priest into the Most Holy room, much to the surprise and anger of some priests. Once settled in the virgin apartments in the Jerusalem temple, she was visited daily by angels in her apartments and Most Holy areas of the temple. She never left the sanctuary of the temple to go outside during her eleven- year stay. Her parents died during that that time.

The detailed story of Mary’s life unfolded in a magnificent manner. Angels and miracles followed Mary continually. Her holy vow to God created difficulties among the temple priests. Zacharias, the High Priest at that time, used ancient scriptures to solve the vow problem after God’s loud voice told him and everyone in the temple what to do. God’s guidance about how to solve the problem of Mary was sought by priests and given several times. Ancient prophecies over 3,000 years old were fulfilled in front of hundreds of temple witnesses. Imagine being a witness when a Bible prophecy was fulfilled in front of you! How moved those witnesses were was evidenced by their shouting, crying, rolling on the floor and praying. They would never forget what they saw for the rest of their lives. That was just one of many prophecies fulfilled.

To write her little known story was a unique experience for me. In asking for heavenly guidance and for the right words to use throughout the endeavor, I felt information was provided to make it memorable for anyone who would read the book. I asked three persons to read the book and give advice. The first, a male engineer, said he wanted to read just a few paragraphs before dinner to see what it was like, but couldn’t put it down until it was finished. He stayed up most of the night. Laughing as he told me, he said he surprised himself at how deeply he became involved in her story and how much information he learned. He had no idea Mary was such a holy and blessed woman.

Her magnificent biography, with details from eye witnesses  including her midwife, is now published. MARY KNEW-A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures is now available in paperback and eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book sellers. Buy it online at:

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